In addition to a growing corps of individuals who support our work, The New Garden Society gratefully acknowledges generous support from the following foundations, community organizations and businesses:

  • Hart Seed Company
  • Langwater Farm 
  • ReVision Urban Farm, Victory Programs
  • The Food Project
  • Powisset Farm
  • The Trustees of Reservations
  • The Boston Public Library
  • Eastern Bank
  • Old Oak Dojo
  • Muddy River Herbals
  • Bartlett Tree Experts
  • Turtle Tree Biodynamic Seed Initiative
  • Buckle Farm
  • EM Letterpress
  • New England Grassroots Environment Fund
  • Boston Skillshare
  • Rex G. Baker IV
  • Conservation Law Foundation's Legal Services Food Hub
  • Anderson & Kreiger LLP
  • Lawyers Clearinghouse
  • Wright-Locke Farm
  • Green Meadow Farm
  • MinuteMan High School's Horticulture & Landscaping Technology Program
  • Fedco Seeds, Organic Growers Supply & Moose Tubers
  • Small State Seeds
  • Johnny's Selected Seeds